Two New Ace Revision Resources

Happy 2012!

Christmas may be over, but the English department never stop giving! Please find these two really useful revision resources:

1. This leaflet is from AQA and it provides a really short burst of ideas and revision points for The Reading and Writing sections of the exam: AQA Revision leaflet

2. This revision booklet has been produced by an English teacher and shared for free. It has a really useful guide, separated for both Higher and Foundation, into both the Reading and Writing section. There is useful time guidance as well as some good example answer material:
Thank you to Mr Bruff!

Enjoy the New Year, but don’t fall behind and not revise for this crucial exam, be the master of your own fate!


The English Department


3 thoughts on “Two New Ace Revision Resources

  1. Felicity

    Thank you for these really useful resources. You need to modify the two links in this post because they don’t work. Both the links comes out as “http://http//www….”. I was able to work out how to edit the links to work but it would be good if you could fix them on your site.

  2. Arnav

    Fantastic Revision Resources here. Will use them in the classroom. Check my site out for more revision resources for GCSE Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography and Computing.


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