Revision Ideas – Wondering How to Revise? Look No Further!


Stressed out by exams? Doing revision is the only answer! The more work you do the more confident and calm you will become.

Hello Year 11,

Your English teachers will have spent time talking to you about your Christmas and New Year revision. Remember, thousands of students around the country are in the same boat as you – just rememeber that you need to be rowing as hard as they are! Effort will make all the difference. Revision, little and often, over the holiday will make a difference.

Are you in the habit of working well on homework? Do you have a good routine? You need to develop a good revision routine. Cramming the night before only works when you have done the ground work of lots of revision prior to that. So, think about the details. Do you have a routine place WHERE you revise? DO you have a rountine WHEN you revise? DO you have habits regarding taking BREAKS and providing yourself with little motivating REWARDS?

To develop a new habit you need these answers to trigger your memory to get doing some revision! Think about where, when, how and even the why of revising! Will this exam have an impact on you – YES! WHY – because this is a crucioal GCSE that your future employers or University/College tutotrs will judge you on. So do a revision plan – take the time needed for something so important. If you worked on the following days for three hours each – you would work for over TWENTY hours! You would definitely benefit massively in the exam!

December 27th
December 28th
December 29th
Jan 3rd
Jan 4th
Jan 5th
Jan 6th

That even gives you lots of rest days to play with your Christmas toys! Plan little rewards and breaks after 30/25 minute slots – for me it is coffee and biscuits – with a little check of my phone and my iPad after an hour and a half!

This leaflet was given to your parents to help you – use the ideas and get your parents to help and support you:

English Revision Booklet Jan 2012

Here are some ideas for what you could do to revise effectively:

– Read your revision booklets: then make notes; post it diagrams on your wall; A3 sized posters with the key information on them etc. Then ‘look, cover, write and check’ your notes;
– Use the past papers on the blog: save them and use them for writing timed answers. Answer lots of question 1s in one go to really nail that question, then continue the sequence. Work hard at those questions you struggled with on the mock paper. Use the mark schemes – mark yourself; get a parent to mark you or a friend who knows the exam too;
– Read, read and read more articles, magazines and websites. Do a PALT analysis for each; highlight and make brief notes. this will make you faster come exam time. Do model PEEs based on the articles you read. Talk to you parents, siblings or friends about the articles and explain the effects created by the text;
– Record your written answers/revison pointers on podcasts or on your phone to give you a rest from writing. Listen to them again the next day and assess or improve your ideas. Record yourself reciting the key information about the exam – such as the persuaive language techniques you have learnt;
– Watch YouTube videos on the exam – such as the Cherwellonline channel (see previous post);
– Create a wall on that saves all the ideas, resources, past papers in one place for easy reference;
– Have your bedroom wall covered in post it notes, or posters, with key points for your revision that you re-read daily;
– Challenge your parents or friends to an argument! Get them to select random topics and get them to challenge your points, or present counter-arguments (most of you are pretty good at a good argument!)

…the list goes on. I would say, although slightly dull, answering a lot of past questions under timed conditions is simply crucial. If you struggle with your timings it will build your speed and resilience and enhance your confidence.

Revise – make the difference – stand out from the hundreds of thousands of students in the crowd! Be the green fish!



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    Sometimes it is better to be ridiculous and get somewhere life rather than following the crowd and end up working in Mcdonalds


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