On the 19th Day of December…Mr Elwell Gave To Me…Great Reading Texts!

Mr Ewell has found some excellent Christmas themed texts that work perfectly for the Reading section of both the Higher and Foundation papers:

Source 1:

Source 1. 10 Things Santa Won’t Tell You

Source 2:

Source 2. Sky Chrtistmas advert

Source 3:

Source 3. Indpendent Article on Xmas

You could do a range of revision activities with these sources:

– Annotate them and do a PALT analysis (Purpose, Audience, Language and Tone)
– Decide which question they best fit and write your own questions – then answer them!
– Do your own comparison answers using the texts
– Using them as models to write your own Christmas themed texts

Enjoy! Remember, don’t regret not working hard for this exam – with effort and organisation you can improve your grade, reach your target or exceed your target!


Mr Quigley – Thank you to Mr Elwell!


2 thoughts on “On the 19th Day of December…Mr Elwell Gave To Me…Great Reading Texts!


    Thanks for these resources; they are very useful. I was wondering, do you have access to the June 2012 paper – as for the Q1 for example it is the only one I have not completed! I thought AQA might be withholding it as the exam was only sat six months ago.. thanks. Also the School Portal can not be accessed (because of passwords) so it is difficult to contact any teachers with any exam question answers and such like. Perhaps we can set up a blog on this website specifically for students to post answers and peer assess each others, with teachers helping as well? Thanks.


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