Year 11 Revision – Past Exam Papers (Foundation Tier)

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Please find the following exam documents that you can use as part of your revision. You may well have looked at them in class or done them as part of the mock exam:

January 2011:

Question paper: AQA-ENG1F-W-QP-Jan11

Insert: AQA-ENG1F-W-INS-Jan11

Marks scheme: ENG1F-PostS-MS-Jan11

June 2011:

Question paper: AQA-ENG1F-W-QP-Jun11

Insert: AQA-ENG1F-W-INS-Jun11

Marks scheme: ENG1F-MS-June11-v2

Jan 2012:

Question paper: AQA-ENG1F-QP-Jan12

Insert: AQA-ENG1F-INS-Jan12

Marks scheme: AQA-ENG1F-W-MS-JAN12

June 2012:

Question paper: AQA-ENG1F-QP-Jun12

Insert: AQA-ENG1F-INS-Jun12

Marks scheme: ENG1F-W-MS-Jun12

November 2012:

Question paper: NOV 2012 EXAM question Paper F

Insert: NOV 2012 Exam insert F

Try revising by timing yourself with each answer until you get faster. Try to repeat your answers orally to yourself, then write them down. Work with others – such as getting your parents to mark your answers! In the words of Kanye West:

Work it, make it, do it,
Makes us harder, better, faster, stronger!


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