Year 11 Students – Do you have the right Mindset to do well in English?

genius quote

In the coming weeks you are going to undertake some crucial revision. During the holiday you are going to find it especially difficult to stick to it – to keep to your revision habits. You need the right mindset – the belief that with effort you can get better. With repeated deliberate practice to improve the secret is that anybody can improve – genius isn’t something we were given at birth – we develop our talent through hard work. Have you noticed that the people in your class who get the best grades are almost always the students who do all the homework properly, who go the extra mile and who get themselves organised? So, as well as highlighters, post it notes, revision guides – the other tool you need to success is to have a positive ‘GROWTH MINDSET’. the belief that you can work hard to be better, that it is difficult and that you will fail and struggle at times, but that with repeated effort you WILL become good at something. Look at this diagram and make sure that you approach your English revision, and all of your school work with effort and a ‘growth mindset’:


Yes, revision might be dull, but remember that great grades and success at school will free you to pursue your passion for the rest of your life!




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