Year 11 Exam Revision – Getting Started

This Christmas holiday is a crucial time for you, and Year 11 students around the country, as it is the run up to your final English/English Language exam. You, and hundreds of thousands of other students, are sitting the exam on the morning of the 10th of January. It seems like far away, but it really isn’t!

You need to revise – regularly and with breaks in between. You need to get a good habit of where and when you are going to revise. Try revising in regular half hour slots in your room. Turn off your phone and just have music playing (playing the same music could help you remember specific parts of the exam e.g. playing one playlist for the writing section practice could help you – as when you play it again you will trigger those audio memories). Give yourself quick five minutes breaks and have a drink or something to eat; check your phone or your FB page – but then switch things back off and switch your mind back on to your revision. You must write, write and write – just reading your revision booklets won’t do the job. Remember, you can revise English and we are here to help show you how! We will use this blog to share video links, website links and to give you resources you can use.

If you are looking for somewhere on the web to help you begin your revision – start here: Sign up for free and plan your revision and make some great resources. Many of our A level students have said how brilliant this website is – give it a try – you will be able to test yourself on those persuasive writing techniques, or create a quiz to help you remember the question types on the exam.

Try or to create your own interactive revision wall. You could place good examples of writing, your own notes, past papers there to save ideas in one place.

YouTube is great for revision videos specifically for English:

Try the brilliant which has great videos like this to help you:

Keep checking our blog – we will share lots of tips and ideas to help you along with your revision. Feel free to post questions in the comments section and we will will try to answer them as best we can.



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